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    Analog Contact

    April 6 - 11, 2017

    Toronto's first design show celebrating the art of the business card. Submissions are open until March 19.

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    Submissions Are Now Closed


    Analog Contact is a design show featuring the business cards of designers, illustrators and art directors. Cards from creatives around Toronto and the GTA will be on display and up for grabs. People can trade and collect their favourites and go home with dozens of beautiful print specimens, and the contact info of the people who created these little works of art.


    Many say that business cards are outdated and no longer useful in a digital world. Why hand somebody a card with your details printed on paper instead of just giving them your number, or sending an email from your phone? But the business card means something different within the creative industry. Printed matter is what many of us deal in creating, and it's a unique opportunity to showcase our skills as designers, art directors and illustrators. The card serves as part pratical tool and part portfolio piece. It's a chance to draw people towards us and allows them to reach us once they're drawn in. Creative business cards are the epitome of the marriage of form and function, which is the essence of graphic design, and this marriage will be on display at Analog Connection.

    The Brief

    Designers, art directors, illustrators: this is your time to shine! Create a business card for yourself. But that's not it. You know those gorgeous cards you've seen, with foils and embossing and duplexing and all the beautiful print elements you love, but that you just can't justify printing? Now is the time to make that card. This show is your justification to do something completely new and different! We want to see your wildest business card dreams come to life.

    The Specs

    All business cards must be a maximum of 3.5 inches on the longest side, but aren't restricted to being rectangular (if you choose to make a circle, the cards can be a max of 3.5 inches in diameter). If selected for the show, you will be asked for a small run of 50 at minimum. Two cards will be displayed to show the front and back, and the other 48 will be available for show attendees to collect. You may provide more if you wish; at similar events in the past we've found that the coolest cards disappear quickly!

    Dates & Deadlines

    Submission deadline: Sunday, March 19
    Opening night: Thursday, April 6, 7pm - 11pm
    Running Dates: Thursday, April 6 - Tuesday, April 11
    Gallery hours: See Northern Contemporary's Website

    How to Submit

    • Send two low-res images of your card, one of the front and one of back (for best odds of being accepted, neither side should be blank).
    • Include the printed dimensions of your card in inches.
    • Explain any details or features that might not be clear in the image (ie: where gloss or embossing will be used).
    • One entry per person.
    • Business cards may be for individuals or their own design/advertising businesses (ie: small agencies and studios).
    • Email your images and details to

    This is a curated show, so we will be selecting the best entries for display. Entries will be chosen based on creativity of design and production, and for clarity of communication and functionality. Remember that cards are about form and function; those that are beautiful but useless and unclear won't be chosen. This isn't an art show, but a design show.

    If selected, entrants will be asked to pay a $20 fee to cover the costs of running the show. Details of how to complete payment will be shared once selections have been made.


    Wondering where the hell to make these gorgeous things? We have a new Printer Directory just for this very purpose! If you have a cool idea but aren't sure how to get it done, feel free to send us an email or post about it in the Toronto Design Directory Facebook group, where somebody might have a suggestion.

    In the past we've printed business cards with Moo, and they produce pretty great work (definitely big fans of gold over here). You can get $15 off your first order with Moo if you order from them via our link, whether you're participating in Analog Contact or not! Click here for $15 off your first Moo order.

    Submissions Are Now Closed

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