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    Cool Concept #1

    April 5, 2018 | Shopify, 80 Spadina Ave., 4th Floor

    The first of a series of monthly talks with local creatives sharing personal passion projects they developed on their own time and what they learned from them.

    This talk featured Marissa Korda's The Loneliness Project, Underline Studio's Newspaper Series, and Equal Parts Studio's Feelbot.


    Cool Concept is a talk series about design projects done by the local Toronto graphic design, advertising, and illustration community. CC allows creatives to share their personal projects with an audience of fellow creatives and like-minded individuals. The selected speakers will talk about work that was done out of passion, joy, and curiosity, and specifically not for a client. It’s these personal and side projects that don’t get much attention in the blog and award circuit, but where designers and creators often come up with the most interesting work because they’re allowed to play and explore, without being hemmed in by client or budget restrictions.

    Apply to Speak

    If you're interested in speaking at a future Cool Concept event, fill out our application form with information on the project you would like to share. Only those selected to participate in the event will be contacted.

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