Selling At Hue Shift

Why a pop up shop? There are so many advantages to being a vendor with Hue Shift.

  • Instead of spending a full day sitting in a booth at a market or show, you can take a break while we handle all the marketing and sale processing for you. Use that extra time to work more on your brand, or take some time off to relax.
  • If you don’t have a lot of products you can save yourself the trouble and cost of setting up a table or online store for one or two items and instead sell in a retail space where we take care of the sale and display work.
  • If you usually sell online, a physical store allows potential customers to see and touch your products before making a purchase.
  • It’s easy for your brand to be discovered by new customers. You get a chance to stand out to a targeted audience of people that are looking for your style of work, rather than drowning in the big ocean of social media.
  • You don’t have to worry about shipping, packaging, postage, or the associated costs – customers just walk away with their purchase!
  • Selling at a pop up literally saves you time and money that you can reinvest in your business or in yourself.

What kinds of products does Hue Shift sell? We’re a “graphic design pop up”, so we’re looking for products that are primarily related to or evoke graphic design, typography, and illustration. These products could take any form, but the relation to graphic design has to be clear. For example, a plain t-shirt doesn’t fit the goals of our shop, but a t-shirt with an ampersand does. Illustrated prints are something we’re looking for, but photography isn’t. Mugs with beautiful lettered typography are a good fit, but antique teacups aren’t. Products will be selected based on quality of production, aesthetic, and taste. If you’re unsure if your work fits, feel free to submit it anyway, and we’ll determine if it’s right or not for the store.

How does vendor selection work? We will take a look at all the products that our vendors submit to us and curate a selection of the work that we feel best fits our goals and aesthetics. Because this is a retail store, we are not limited to the number of potential vendors like a traditional market setup which means more room for everybody, but we will be be selective for quality and taste. We are looking for goods that meet our “graphic design related” criteria, are made by local artists and designers (local meaning the Greater Toronto Area), and meet a certain level of quality in production or craftsmanship. We want to sell our customers the best design-y items possible, and we hope you can be a part of that!

What if I don’t have a big brand or a lot of products? That’s okay! You don’t need to be insta famous to sell at Hue Shift. If you don’t have a burgeoning product-based brand but still like to make the odd design-y piece, Hue Shift is an opportunity to sell your work without investing in setting up a table at a market or building an online store for just a couple items.

I’m just learning to screenprint/book bind/embroider/produce my products. Do I have to be experienced to sell at Hue Shift? You don’t have to be an experienced maker to sell with us, and we’d love to see your work. However, we do look at overall production quality when selecting products to sell, so if you haven’t quite mastered production of your items yet we may not select your work for inclusion in the store just yet. Keep working at it!

I have some stuff I need to get rid of, can I sell it at Hue Shift? We don’t sell second-hand or used products at Hue Shift, so unfortunately cannot take this stuff off your hands.

Can I resell some design-y work that I have collected over the years? We’re currently only interested in supporting designers and artists directly, so we don’t resell items that were previously purchased elsewhere, regardless of quality or wear.

How many products can I sell at Hue Shift? You may submit as many different products for consideration as you wish, but we suggest limiting yourself to your top 5 – 7 pieces. Once selections are made, we will accept editions of 10 – 20 of each product, depending on size, weight, and predicted desirability. If you have fewer editions than this, that’s okay; just note it on the submission form. There are no minimum quantities required.

I have more than 30 editions of my prints/t-shirts/etc, can’t I sell them all at the store? Due to the limited time that Hue Shift is running, we cannot take on large quantities of individual products. We don’t have the storage or display space, and if we sell out of your product before the store’s run concludes then you don’t have to worry about pick up, which is easier for everybody.

What if my products sell out before the pop up ends? Congrats! That’s awesome. We may post that your products are sold out on social media to show everybody how popular your work is, and we’ll direct anybody who missed out to get in touch with you. Displays otherwise will simply be rearranged to fill the space. Due to the limited time Hue Shift is operating, we cannot reach out for more product to fill the gap. But this means you don’t have to worry about pick up! Take a break, you’ve earned it.

How do sales work? Hue Shift operates on a consignment structure, so if we don’t sell anything, you don’t owe anything. Selling your products with us is risk-free, and you get everything that didn’t sell back after the pop up has finished its run. All sales are subject to a 70%-30% consignment agreement after processing fees, with the 70% being your profit. We process sales using Square, and all sales are subject to their fees (see more). We will email you with information on sales of your products 1 – 2 business days after the pop up ends, and you will receive profits from sales 5 – 7 business days after the pop up ends.

How is pricing handled? If you already sell your products, we will use your pricing as a guideline but may adjust prices as we see fit. If you don’t already sell your products and are unsure what the pricing should be, we suggest using a formula of [cost of production/materials per item] x [value of length of time to produce] x 4 for a baseline retail price. Also do your research on similar items to get a sense of what the normal range is too.

What financial information do you need from me? We will need a working email address from you, but unless you have any particular requirements around how you’re paid that’ll be it.

Are there any up front costs to selling at Hue Shift? Nope! Hue Shift is risk-free. If no sales are made then nothing is owed, and you will get all your products back after the pop up has concluded.

What about refunds? Due to its limited run, Hue Shift does not process refunds or exchanges, and all sales are final.

How will any problems customers encounter be handled? If a customer contacts us to let us know of an issue with a product after purchase, we will pass the message on to you via the contact information you share with us to handle at your discretion.

How will my brand be promoted? We will be promoting our vendors on social media and in advertisements in a few weeks leading up to the pop up, and on our site here. Your brand will also be displayed in the shop, either on packaging that you include with your products or with some small signage on the displays.

Can my branding be included with my items at Hue Shift? Depending on your product, if there’s specific packaging that is used to present or hold your items we will use that in the store. We want to make it clear who made what and allow your brand to shine! If a customer has any communication with us after their visit to the shop (ie: they receive a receipt via email), that will be presented with the Hue Shift branding.

Can I hang out at the store all day to talk to customers about my work? As much as we’d love to have you around, we discourage you from doing this. There isn’t much room in the store for people to be standing there all day, and we want to make as much room for customers as possible. We want to create a comfortable shopping experience where people can take their time and browse at their leisure, rather than being sold to. Your products will also likely be displayed in combination with other products, making standing there to promote yourself impractical. And finally, we want you to take this time to relax, and stop working so hard for a bit! If there’s important information you want shared with customers, share it with us and we’ll pass it along. We’ve got you.

There’s additional messaging I want to include with my products (care instructions, safety warnings, etc), can that be included in the store? This decision may be made on a case by case basis depending on exactly what you need, but generally yes, we will do our best to include any additional messaging. If that information can’t be part of the display, we’ll keep it on hand for people behind the counter and share it whenever it’s needed.

Want to be a vendor? Awesome! The next Hue Shift pop up is still in the works, and applications will open for that when the time comes. Get an update when applications are open by signing up for our newsletter, and you’ll be sure to get the news. Sign up here.

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