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    Portfolio Review Night 2017

    May 11, 7pm - 11pm | Publicis, 111 Queen St. E. #200

    Young creatives: have your portfolio reviewed by creative professionals, get advice, make contacts and learn how to grow in our industry.

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    Portfolio Review Night is a chance for graphic designers, art directors, and copywriters to have their work reviewed and meet creative professionals working in the Toronto creative industry. This is an opportunity for creatives in their last couple years at school or first couple years of working.

    How It Works

    Ticket holders get one-on-one reviews from three different professionals, and attend two talking panels on various subjects relevant to our industry, lead by other local experienced creatives. You can choose which panels you attend when you purchase your ticket and select your group. It's a big night filled with a lot of information and opportunity. Take notes!

    What You Need

    Most importantly, bring your portfolio. It can be in print or digital - if you have a digital portfolio make sure you have an offline copy available as wifi isn't a guarantee; anything can happen and you don't want to miss out due to technical issues. It's strongly suggested that you select 4 - 6 of your best projects to show to your reviewers, as you'll have limited time. Make your portfolio easy to scan and get through, and include process work to show how you got to your final solution. Speak positviely of your work, and be yourself! Getting to know people on a friendly level is one of the best things you can do in making connections and furthering your career.

    Be prepared to take notes. You're going to take in a lot of information, and there's no way you'll remember it all. Reviewers will be impressed that you're listening so closely too. They're taking time out of their busy days to help you out - show them that you appreciate that.

    Finally, bring business cards. Share them with whoever will take them, reviewers and fellow-reviewees alike. People will remember you way better if you give them a little sample of your skills and personality, which your business card should represent in it's design. Ask for cards too so you can get in touch later.

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