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    Portfolio Review Night 2018

    May 17, 7pm - 11pm | Publicis, 111 Queen St. E. #200

    Portfolio Review Night is back for a third year, and our reviewers are ready to tell you just what to do, change, or fix to give yourself the best head start on that job hunt.

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    How it Works

    Portfolio reviews are for graphic designers, art directors, and copywriters in their last or second-to-last year of a design or copywriting program, or their first few years of working. Each reviewee will have three fifteen minute sessions with a seasoned creative pro, and attend two discussion panels on topics like finding freelance, better interviewing, or what to expect from your first gig (see Eventbrite page for more details on the Discussion Panels).

    When you buy your ticket, you'll choose if you want to talk to graphic designers, art directors, or copywriters. We'll need you to arrive right on time and check in once you get here. The schedule for the night is jam packed and you'll have somewhere to be every minute of the evening, so being on time is really important - we don't want you to miss anything!


    This year we're really excited to include a new addition: headshots with Worker Bee! Start your career looking like your best, most polished self, with a profile photo from these talented guys.

    There will be pizza and drinks available so you'll have enough energy to last the night. Bring a pen to write down all the wisdom you'll receive, and business cards so nobody will forget who you are. PRN is a big, crazy night, and you'll get a ton out of it - advice, network connections, maybe even an invitation to interview or a lead on a job offer.

    Portfolio Tips

    It's 2018, so most of you will probably have a digital portfolio. If you're bringing a laptop or tablet, it's recommended that you save a copy of your portfolio on your computer, because wifi isn't always reliable. Make sure your devices are fully charged before you arrive - prepare for and get ahead of any tech problems that can waste precious review time. Of course, print portfolios are lovely too, especially if you have more print pieces in your book (show them print skills!).

    Your reviews will go by quickly, so choose two or three projects you really want feedback on, in order to make the most of your time. When you sit down with your reviewer, give them a quick overview of your work and then sit back, let them speak, and take notes. You're hear to learn and listen, so give them as much time as possible to share their wisdom with you.

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