Toronto Creative Salary Survey

Toronto Creative Salary Survey

The Toronto Creative Salary Survey is an annual survey for Toronto’s visual communications industry, focusing on salaries and pay trends for graphic designer, art director, illustrator, UX/UI designer, motion designer, copywriter, package designer, web designer, or letterer, and other visual creatives based in the GTA. We open this survey up once a year to track trends on salaries, promotions, hiring and firing, and gender and racial diversity in our industry and city.

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Why a survey?

As an employee, it’s important to be aware of standards of employment and pay. Having accurate, current information is an important tool in ensuring you’re paid what you’re worth and what to expect from your employer. Being familiar with standards and common practices helps employees determine if they’re being treated fairly, and gives them the information they need to make the best career choices for themselves.

For employers, it’s important to know where they can possibly improve in their hiring and management practices, and what standards they should be striving to meet. Seeing what others do allows companies to place themselves competitively in the industry, so they know what to offer to attract the best employees. It also puts them in the position to contribute solutions to problems in our industry: if survey data makes it clear that people in certain roles are underpaid, or there’s a lack of diversity in a particular field or level, an employer can take steps to be part of the solution.

Knowledge is power.

Is this for me?

The TCSS is designed to gather information in a specific industry, in a specific region: visual communications in Toronto. Gathering information about a specific group helps us make our data more accurate and more relevant to those in this industry.

If you can say yes to most of the points below, this survey is here for you.

  • I work full- or part-time as a graphic designer, art director, illustrator, UX/UI designer, motion designer, copywriter, package designer, web designer, or letterer, in either a permanent or freelance capacity.
  • I work in Toronto, Ontario.

The TCSS doesn’t cover people roles adjacent to the visual communication industry or working in other forms of design, such as teaching, printing, industrial design, environmental design, craft, or fine art.

Are you one of the people described in the points above? If so, take the survey now and help our community.

What will you do with this information?

All the information in this survey is gathered anonymously, so users can be truthful without worrying that their salary history or other personal information will be connected back to them.

Once the survey is closed, we will make the data available in the form of graphics and text, which will be shared online, on this website and on social media.

Call for submissions!

You can contribute infographics to this project! We have an open call for creatives that the TCSS is serving to design their own visual interpretations of the data we collect. These graphics can be done in your own style, and can be literal or abstract. This is open to creatives at any level, and all submissions will be accepted. We want to showcase not only the information the survey collects, but how the community feels about what it reveals, and what this information means to them in their personal lives. The final graphics will be shared online and on social media with attribution to the artist; there may be an art show at some point showcasing this work as well.

Once the survey closes, we will send applicants a few data points to choose from; each creative may select one point to illustrate or design in their style. We will be giving different options to everybody, to ensure that most points are covered. Once that email goes out we will also share a deadline with you.
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Take the survey

Do you meet the criteria above? Do you want to help arm yourself and your peers with powerful information that can help improve and advance our careers? Then fill out the survey and share your story with us. The TCSS will close on December 16.

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